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A little bit about us Green Man Gifts


Green Man Gifts chose our store name to respect the Green Man of old.

The Green Man is a pre Christian symbol or effigy often carved into the wood or stone in Pagan temples, and in medieval churches in an area stretching from the British Isles to Russia.

Often mistakenly perceived as a Celtic symbol, the Green Mans origins are shrouded in mystery as similar effigies and legends appear in ancient Greece and Rome.

His name lives on in England, as many public houses across the land have taken his name, and he is believed to be the Legend behind the character of Robin Hood.

We stock a fabulous range of Green Man Wall Plaques, many of which are taken direct from the carvings in the Misericords of the great cathedrals of England.

For those seeking information on the history of the legend, we have yet to find a better and more informative and accessable site than the one produced by Mike Harding:


Cat & Fiddle Portland
Cat & Fiddle Wall Plaque
Oak King Green Man Plaque
Oak King Green Man Wall Plaque
Oak King Plaque
Oak King Green Man Wall Plaque
Woodland Enchantress

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